Pack-It Specter Slim Cube


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This durable, lightweight travel organiser helps you maximise your storage space by sneaking into even the tightest of spots in your pack. The translucent fabric allows you to easily see the contents, and self-repairing zippers ensure they will not snag or fail on you in the middle of your big trip.


  • New lightweight and strengthened fabric supports more and weighs less
  • Two-way, self-repairing zippers with climbing rope pulls supports the habits of over-packers with its strengthened ability to endure even the most overstuffed packs
  • Webbing carry handles are reinforced at attachment points to keep hold of even your heaviest items
  • Translucent fabric permits you to see what’s inside the cube without unzipping the organiser
  • Fabric is treated to repel water and stains to keep your items looking and smelling their best all trip long
  • PVC coatings are not used in an effort to make a safe product you can happily use for even your most delicate items
  • This smaller cube is perfect for underwear, socks, gloves, snacks or electronic cords


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